Operating Your GloBox

How GloBox Operates

  1. Plug into standard, USA 110v wall outlet
  2. Place items you wish to sanitize into GloBox –keys, phone, glasses, mail, delivered packages, small groceries, shoes
  3. By default, the 60-second cycle is selected. Optionally press the 3-minute boost button for extra cleaning powerful enough to kill mold.
  4. Close the lid
  5. Safety switches ensure that power is only connected to the lights when the lid is fully closed. 
  6. You will know GloBox is working because we designed it with a safety window that allows you to see the lights are on and cleaning.
  7. Wait 60 seconds or 3 minutes depending on cycle, and your items are clean and sanitized.
  8. Remove items
  9. Clean as often as you want
  1. Wipe clean as needed
  2. No need to replace bulbs. UV-C LED bulbs should last for over 1 million cleaning cycles