• What are the dimensions of GloBox?
    • GloBox is roughly the size of a desktop printer at 20” wide, 12” deep, and 8” tall.
  • How do I know GloBox is working?
    • You know GloBox is working because we designed it with a safety window that allows you to see the lights are on, killing germs.
  • What can I put in a GloBox?
    • GloBox kills Germs and Viruses on:
      • Electronics including phones, tablets, remotes, headphones
      • Household items including keys, sunglasses, shoes, toys, kitchen utensils, mail, and packages.  
      • Food items including canned, boxed and bagged food items
      • Cosmetics, skincare and cleaning products

  • What germs does GloBox kill?
    • GloBox is Effective On*
      • Covid 19 Virus
      • Flu (Influenza)
      • Norovirus
      • SARS-CoV-2
      • Common Cold
      • Common Spores
      • Salmonella (Bacteria)
      • E. Coli. (Bacteria)
      • Anthrax (Bacteria)
      • MRSA (Bacteria)
      • Antibiotic resistant bacteria



  • How do I use GloBox?
    • To use GloBox simply place your items in GloBox, close the door, puts the start button and in 60 seconds your items are sanitized
  • How do I clean my GloBox?
    • To clean your GloBox, you may open the lid and wipe down the inside and surfaces.

  • Is GloBox portable?
    • No, GloBox needs to be plugged into an outlet to function.

  • How long do the bulbs last?
    • No Need to Ever Replace the Bulbs
    • LED technology is rated at up to 25,000 hours. At a 60-second cleaning cycle, that's over 1 million uses.



  • How does GloBox kill bacteria and viruses?
    • GloBox uses cutting edge lightwave technology instead of chemicals or aerosols to break down the DNA of viruses and bacteria rendering them harmless.

  • What is UVC light?
    • UV-C light represents a spectrum of ultraviolet light wavelengths between 100nm and 280nm. Most people are aware of “Black Lights” which are an ultraviolet wavelength around 400nm and glow purple. Generally black lights do not cause significant damage to skin, whereas lower wavelengths can be harmful to humans. Smaller wavelengths such as UV-B and UV-C begin to breakdown the DNA structures of organisms and cells. UV-C is well known to be the optimal wavelength to destroy DNA, therefore optimal for sanitization. This also means humans should avoid direct exposure to UV-C at all costs, and is also why GloBox is the safest UV-C sanitizing solution being fully enclosed.

  • Is UVC light safe?
    • Direct UV-C light exposure is not safe for humans and should be avoided. Products on the market that have the potential to expose light to your skin are potentially dangerous. GloBox IS safe to use, as the device will not operate until the lid is closed blocking all light exposure.

  • What kind of bulbs does GloBox use?
    • GloBox does not use Bulbs. GloBox uses safer and cleaner LEDs that are used in medical devices, rather than toxic and breakable Low Pressure Mercury Halogen Bulbs that are used in other UV-C products.

  • What is the difference between GloBox UV-C technology and other UVC cleaning products that use bulbs?
    • Mercury Halogen Bulbs are fragile and can break, and also use toxic chemicals such as Mercury - which is why GloBox chose safer, more powerful, and longer-lasting LEDs. Bulbs used by common UV-C products are cheaper and have a shorter lifespan of a few thousand hours, whereas the GloBox LED technology can last years.

  • How long will my GloBox last?
    • GloBox is the most powerful home and office sanitizing device available, killing viruses and bacteria in less than 60 seconds. Because of the short run time and the longer lifespan, the LED cleaning technology could theoretically allow Globox to be used millions of times.


  • Does GloBox have a warranty and how long does the warranty last?
    • Five year limited warranty which covers manufacturing defects and the UV-C LEDs.
  • Delivered right to your doorstep.

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