GloBox Uses the Same Powerful UV-C Light Technology Hospitals Use to Disinfect

Kills the viruses and bacteria that cause Colds, Flu, COVID-19, SARS and More.

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Large Capacity Fits: laptops, cell phones, headphones, remotes, masks, keys, toys, shoes and MORE

60 Second Sanitizing

GloBox sanitizes all sides and crevices in only sixty seconds vs. 10 minutes for competitive sanitizers.

360 Degree Coverage

Our proprietary UV-C transferring glass ensures every side and crevice of the item placed inside is fully sanitized.

10X the Sanitizing Power

Most UV-C sanitizing products use lower powered and inefficient mercury halogen bulbs. GloBox uses10 highly tuned and powerful LEDs to produce 10X the volume of sanitizing light.

Lasts Over a Million Uses

GloxBox leverages the newest LED technology which will last for over a million uses of the original bulbs, so there is no need to ever replace the bulbs.

Scientifically Proven

GloBox uses the same UV-C technology used in water, air, and hospital purification to kill pathogens.

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Environmentally Friendly

GloBox uses no harsh chemical cleaners, heat, or residues.  Our energy efficient LED lights are more environmentally friendly than competitive bulbs containing mercury.

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$149.00 $199.00

Sizing and Specifications

•Uses standard USA wall outlet power

•OuterDimensions: 19" W, 13" D, 8" H

•Lessthan 10lbs

Easy to Use and Fast

1. Place your items in GloBox
2. Close the door
3. Push the Button
4. 60 Second Cycle Starts
5. Option to Select 3 Minute Boost

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